ECEnergy, LLC

ECEnergy, LLC is a provider of air conditioning and  refrigeration solutions for residential and commercial applications.
We combine technically superior products and services from our engineering, design, distribution, installation and monitoring capabilities.
ECEnergy creates reliable, energy-efficient refrigerant add-on systems that improve human comfort and protect the environment.
We currently provide the Residential and Light Commercial  air conditioning consumer with an Innovative Refrigerant  Technology called EARTHCOOLERDX™ , a Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Direct Exchange Cooling System that utilizes a  Renewable Energy and Smart Sensor Data connected to Your PC and Smartphone Web Browser. 
EARTHCOOLERDX™ is an Intelligent Add-on, Sub Cooling System located outside. We install the system on the High Pressure Side of the Liquid Refrigerant Line after the Outside Air Conditioning Condenser. Our technology modifies your pre-installed, working Central Air Conditioning or Split Unit System.  We meet the Energy Star Program Requirements for a direct geoexchange heat pump in which the refrigerant is circulated in a pipe which is submerged in water that exchanges heat with the ground.  We require a minimal amount of brine, brackish or salt water (renewable energy) or non-drinkable or treated water for cooling.  Our DX Cooling System achieves an extra 27% refrigeration cooling capacity.
We are connecting the physical world to the internet. The wireless sensor system connects recorded Smart Data (electric savings, temperature and a message) to Web Browsers on a PC/Mac/Smartphone anywhere in the world with internet. Customers are texted through push notification with no messaging charges. Thewireless sensor is a real-time, cloud based system.

We manufacturer and sell the EARTHCOOLERDX™ direct.  We Install our Refrigerant Technolgy on your New or Existing Air Conditioning System by Certified HVAC Technicians in a few Hours.  The installation includes limited modification of a refrigerant line.  It does not include any changes to your electrical, gas, plumbing or HVAC System.  You will receive a 30% energy tax credit off your Federal Tax Return.  

The US Department of Energy issued a report stating refrigerant subcooling is a reliable way of improving the performance of air conditioning systems and saving energy.   Our DX Cooling System is a NJ Clean Energy Program - RD&D Pilot Program.  

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